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Thursday, July 2, 2013

Marvel Comic-Con Boston 2013

The 2013 MCM Boston convention was held on the North Shore over Memorial Day Weekend. This year the convention’s publishers were the two biggest names in comics: Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics. These brands alone put the convention over the top. It was a great convention with hundreds of comic book fans and retailers excited to see what was going to happen next in comic book history.

The Badger was there in full force, and was able to get some great pictures and interviews. You can find the pictures in the “News of the Week” page. Make sure to check out the very cool 4-Part “Marvel 2013” video. The views and opinions expressed in this video are mine, and mine alone. I could be wrong.

Wanna buy copies of Marvel’s comics? Make sure to click on the link at the bottom of the right column and get them for

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Using a semi-barrier such as a fencepost as a brace, have the child who is standing on the ground firmly push off with one foot to spring herself high into the air.

Have the child who is standing on the ground brace her hands on a fencepost (a split rail fence, for instance) and push off. Try to coordinate it with jumping.

Have the child on the ground turn around, face the child on the fence, and jump. Have them push hard and move their feet forward while closing their eyes.

Hang from a rope or a bar and have the child jump and move to the other side of the rope or bar. The child should hold the rope or bar with her hands and push off with her feet.Q:

.NET How to make Numericupdown width wider without breaking layout design

I’m designing a page where i want a numeric up down control to be wider than it’s original width so the user can be more efficient and use the numerical keyboard for the purpose.
I have found this solution

The problem with this approach is that the width of the numeric up down control is fixed to the width of the text box, which i don’t want.
I want to know if there is any other approach or any other control to achieve this as an alternative to using a


You could do something like


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