Softube have a wide range of software ranging from audio production to Audio Visuals. So for all the team at Softube this is a massive moment.You have no idea how much we have been asking ourselves “What to do with TEAM AIR”Softube Team AIR, the most powerful VST instrument for your DAW, are finally coming to your Apple and Apple PC!

Team AIR is a great choice for producers looking to add pristine sound quality and complete control over their audio in DAWs, especially for Live audio production. At best, it gives you a reverb like nothing you’ve ever heard before. You can use Team AIR to add the perfect amount of ambience in the mix, to cover a live set up and to take that unruly guitar signal you recorded and pristine up to take it into the studio. At its core, Team AIR is a meticulously crafted delay effect. We’ve taken this effect and added a few more elements to make the ultimate, easy to use, delay pedal. If you are a pro who needs to get the most out of your recording experience, nothing beats the synergy of a good DAW and a great delay effect. There is no better solution than Team AIR in this particular situation.

+ Real Time Variability
+ DSP Synthesis and FFT Engine
+ Faders and knobs for real time control
+ Full API support for every DAW. No need to use a specific version.

We’re going to assemble all the team AIR instrument to be released in one bundle.Aspire of Belgrade use Team AIR to get every aspect of their bands sound in a perfect harmony,both, live and in the studio.Amperi are a big fan of Team AIR and use Team AIR exclusively on their live shows.Team AIR is used as a beautiful, hihg quality effect for the live show and they use it during mixes for enhancing performances and handling band logs.

Team AIR is used as a consistent effect for songwriting and recording. It’s that versatile.

As a feature, we use a unique feature : in the delay, you can switch quickly to any of the 7 presets with 1 click. “Dusk” is the default setting.Go on slowly, like a passing, vanished train,dusk.The knob is your time to get up close and personal with the arrangement.

We used the most flexible API for all the new features.

All these new features are included in Team AIR without any sweat as we have dedicated the last 3 months for the team AIR Team to make it happen.It’s a very exciting moment for us as it’s the first release we are announcing that includes a product from our own Team. The team go into the development with a lot of fun and passion and we are really excited about this release.

about the softube team:softube is a leader in audio post production software with a decades-long history of developing award-winning tools for all aspects of music production and live sound. softube plug-ins for real-time mixing, monitoring, mastering and audio visualization are available for the most popular daws, consoles and streaming devices. about the award-winning softube team:softube are recognised around the world for their expertise, innovation and tradition. they are trusted by mix engineers to hear and deliver the softest, smoothest and most organic, as well as the highest-quality and the most pristine-sounding mixes; and by musicians for the most fluid, natural-sounding mixes and instruments. their renowned plug-in line of effects processors and plug-ins are used by thousands of highly acclaimed artists and mixing engineers around the world. the fire music buddy has been designed to give you the tools to play piano, guitar, bass, drums, and more. it’s a complete library of ready-to-go presets that will come with many tools that allow you to recreate professional sounding tunes. this bundle includes, the buddy, a collection of 25 piano, guitar and bass presets, a drum machine with hundreds of presets, a sampler, a template, and much more. you will need an internet connection to download the softube apps via the app store. pro tools will need to be updated to 11.1.1 for the delay plug-in to be available. for more on the logics and avid application update requirements, go to the help menu in pro tools 11. 5ec8ef588b

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