Save Your Nuts |WORK| Download] [Torrent]

Save Your Nuts |WORK| Download] [Torrent]



Save Your Nuts Download] [Torrent]

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How do I make an array of structs in Swift?

I am trying to define an array of structs in Swift, I tried using the code below, but I am getting an error:
var myArray = [MyStruct]()

Unable to create an instance of ‘MyStruct’ because it is not directly.

The error is occurring on the second line of code, where I create the struct. What is the correct way to define and add values to an array of structs? Thanks!


The way you make your array of structs is by calling your struct. However, you cannot create structs unless they are directly associated with a class, which is any class that you inherit from or that conforms to an Objective-C or Swift protocol. So if you don’t make a class, there’s no way you can call your struct directly.
More importantly, there’s no such thing as creating a struct directly, so trying to create an instance of a struct is nonsensical. No matter how you define your struct, it can only be used in situations where the struct is associated with a class that can be instantiated.
So what you really want to do is create an array of MyClass, and you can do this easily using NSArray:
var myArray = [MyClass]()


Why does my application crash when using UIWebView to load the S3 file stored on the server?

I am using the following code to download a file from my S3 bucket to the device.
func downloadImage(){
//create url with a string
var baseUrl = NSURL(string: self.urlString)

//create af url request to download the file
let request = NSURLRequest(URL: baseUrl!)
//create a session
let dataSession = NSURLS

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