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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.59 / 5 ( 2373 votes )
Update (2 days ago)







Information as of October, 2015.

■ User Interface

The outer view of the game displays the following information:

• Which party members are in the party
• Character name
• Class name
• Experience points gained/lost in battle
• Stamina
• Hit points
• Player Status
• Gauge of power

In the field view, you can select anything from the available items displayed on the bottom of the screen. When a new screen is started, the menu displayed is determined by which last screen you were on.

Please read the following information about the UI.

■ Character Name

When you create your character, you cannot freely enter a character name. A character name is displayed as a unique number that is used as the character’s login ID. When you log in to the game, it will ask you for the name you entered during character creation.

■ Class

When you create a character, the class you want to be can be selected.

It takes 20% of your character’s attribute points to learn and equip a class. Please refer to the relevant information for individual classes.

■ Experience Points Gained/Lost in Battle

You gain experience points by defeating monsters. In the field view, the points required to advance to the next level are displayed in the upper part of the screen. When you lose experience points, you lose points from your character’s attribute points to the experience points you lost.

■ Stamina

Stamina is used to gain an advantage when using skills or equipment that consumes a large amount of time. If you have all of your attribute points, you will be able to use skills and items without your stamina being decreased.

■ Hit Points and Hit Points Gained/Lost in Battle

Hit points are displayed in the middle of the screen.

Hit points are reduced by the amount that you lose from experience points.

■ Player Status

You can play while other people are logged on, or you can play with other people but not on the same map.

*When the server restarts, you are automatically added to the “Paused Players” and “No Pass Players” list, and cannot play.

*When you play with others on a map, you can see each other. You can also know when you are in a party or alone (when you only play with a single character


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.59 / 5 ( 2373 votes )
Update (2 days ago)


Features Key:

  • A vast world where epic battles erupt and a journey of self-discovery awaits as you rise, fall, and carve a path
  • Up to eight-player online play with a variety of maps that create a sense of changing and evolving present tense
  • Eternal battle servers that provide epic battles where players can experience an unforgettable story of fantasy and enlightenment
  • The game screen is made using Estro, a member of the Estro Society. I think Estro and the other members, who made the game screen, successfully put their passion and personal efforts in display. The game screen is so impressive, through it, the player does not even notice the difference between Estro and Japanese games. The strength of this game lies in the feeling of not having to calculate special techniques and the possibility to grind the game to find all solutions.
    As a new fantasy action RPG, it is highly likely that you will die in the first several hours. Furthermore, the game offers an infinite number of solutions that can be used. In addition, you can strengthen your characters at any time. However, this game has a “broken world” countermeasure.
    I think it is very important that you have fun with the story by yourself after all. There are many good points in it. However, there is even a risk that you start to hate the story without any point in the game after all. If I’m in a time like that, I will go back to the world of peace. Hope you will enjoy it as well!
    (Last Updated on January 27, 2018)

    by Kózel

    Looks fun. Japan’s Estro is giving glory to Estro in all aspects here!
    Unremarkable subtitle translation… However, it doesn’t matter since they’ve added a gorgeous transliteration over here! Plus, exciting story!
    Looks a bit too big. 20 points on PS4.  Stepping out of your own House on your own Day in World Tree can only be mastered by old and experienced participants. 
    This is interesting. If played online, the other


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    “I played the English version of the game in the previous report. Compared with the English version, the Japanese version has fewer game features, although the graphics are high quality. I thought I’d go ahead and play the Japanese version for review purposes. I downloaded it from NIS America Inc., and played it with the SuperGameBoy Advance2 and NES2 controllers (in order to display the images better). I started by opening the ELDR file and setting the screen resolution to 128×128 and the scan line number to 8. Then I took control of my character and fought monsters. But the graphics were too low resolution for me to concentrate on the game for more than a few moments. The screen was too small, and the monsters and the scenery too dense for me to enjoy a lot of battles. There were some enemies I wanted to fight, but they were always too far away for me to see. The graphics were fine for farming, but I couldn’t imagine fighting with them.”

    “Your character is a demon or angel, and you can develop him by fighting with enemies, leveling up, equipping weapons, and using magic spells. I first tried out a small farming region with four monsters. The first mission for me was to find water and defeat two monsters. I planted seeds, which started growing along the uneven terrain. I fought the monsters and then killed them. But sometimes I couldn’t make a crop. The terrain seemed to be uneven, and the game is difficult when you have to defeat enemies of different levels with only a sword. If you happen to defeat a weak monster, you can level up your character’s skills. There’s also a strange phenomenon with the time that one of my characters switched to another continent. The monsters outside the continent seemed to be normal, but the monsters on the continent were some sort of monsters. Also, the background music was almost completely the same as the background music on the continent, so it was really annoying.

    “I sent my characters to the next continent, where there were monsters of three or more levels. I had to fight the monsters, level up my characters, and defeat monsters. I couldn’t level up until I fought a monster. I started off as a demon, so I had higher strength than an angel. I fought several times with different monsters to level up my character, and defeated them in turn. I fought a


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    ■ Enhance your stats using the equipment that your character has!
    The ELDEN RING game is a battle game in which you try to increase your stats. You can increase your stats by equipping items obtained through quests or in the Marketplace, and you can use items that enhance one stat at the expense of another stat.
    The equipment items that can be obtained are different for each class. However, by carefully acquiring different items, you will increase the overall efficiency of your stats.

    ■ Use the powerful ELDEN RING features!
    As you raise your stats and increase in strength, you can use various new features that the ELDEN RING game provides. Some items in the Marketplace and the Quests that you will be given through the game can be used in PvP, as well as in dungeons.

    ■ If you have any questions or complaints, please contact Customer Service at

    ■ In many cases, there will be notifications via the “Notification” icon in the top right corner of the screen. Please pay attention to these notifications, and keep an eye out for information relating to the game.

    The inclusion of online play, as well as the asynchronous online element for PVP and PvE, is an unprecedented feature for the Wild Arms series! Players who have not played any Wild Arms games before can join in to play with the other players in the game.

    If you have any questions or complaints, please contact Customer Service at

    ■ Wild Arms 3: Lost Age 5★ Evolution

    ■ Wild Arms 3: Lost Age 5★ Evolution

    ■ Battle System

    ■ Battle System

    ■ Characters (Special Features)

    ■ Characters (Special Features)

    ■ Battle System

    Wild Arms 3: Lost Age is set in a new world called Calpheon City. You can experience multiple characters per play, as well as a wide range of item statistics and skills.

    The character creation screen offers a variety of customizations, such as the creation of a certain character class or the ability to import a file from the previous Wild Arms game.

    All classes have a maximum of three equipable weapon types, and there are 15 types of different weapons in total.

    There are 17 different weapon types, including guass, vassal, featherswords, swordswords, battleswords,


    What’s new:


    Fantasy Attack RPG-V』概要

    Fantasy Attack RPG-V
    3rd Place in the Fantasy RPG of Kadokawa Shoten 2015
    Version: VIP-RL580发布时间:2015/03/19科技精准版Q&A: Video Game Design师

    LEADERBOARDS AND GAMEPLAYWARNING: Peak ends in about 20 hours.Experience the next living legend of the fantasy action RPG genre, together with the person that drew you in.For the past few months, you have been watching the development of Fantasy Attack RPG-V. In the final stage before its release, we have reached an extremely important point. We are very honored to receive your support.Since Fantasy Attack RPG-V became a product designed to connect players around the world, we have struggled with creating an experience that would immerse you in a fantasy setting and create the feeling of an online multiplayer RPG.
    While we strived to inject creativity, you have eagerly anticipated an experience that can bring a different feeling of fun. We are happy to announce that Fantasy Attack RPG-V is now live, and you can look forward to an exciting second half.
    Fantasy Attack RPG-V was initially designed to provide players the experience of a single player. We considered who players with limited time would enjoy. As a result, we have chosen a fantasy setting that has not been explored or portrayed enough, creating a unique online experience.
    Drawing from the underlying idea that the player is one of the members of the clan that must fight against evil forces, you will discover a world that drastically changes depending on the abilities you equip.
    Additionally, the development team has merged the elements of co-op and competitive multiplayer with the unique elements of Fantasy Attack RPG-V, and thus created an online experience that is easily accessible.
    “I hope that people who love the fantasy genre and the fantasy adventure enjoy living the fantasy through the powers of role-playing games. Fantasy Attack RPG-V will allow players with different play styles to reveal their power through the amazing world we have created.” – Tateo Nejima, Producer
    “My contribution to Fantasy Attack RPG-V was not to develop the game’s battle systems, but rather to aid in making characters that embody their expression. While I believe the ability of


    Download Elden Ring Torrent (Activation Code)

    1. Click on the Download button.
    2. You will be brought to a page of 3rd party installer ‘3rd Party Installer.
    3. Place setup file on desktop.
    4. Double click the Setup file. Follow the instructions and
    5. Accept the end of the installation when finish.
    6. Now open the folder and find the game setup file.
    7. Run the Game and enjoy.

    1. Double click on the file (Setup.exe) to open the installation.
    2. You will see a checkbox to install the online server. Check this.
    3. Click Next.
    4. Click Yes to send Automatic Update with the Online updates.
    5. Click Next.
    6. You can also select to provide your own license key for online play.
    7. Go to the license key tab. Input the license key and click Next.
    8. Click Ok to accept the license key.
    9. Click Next.
    10. You can also select to install Google Play Games.
    11. Go to the Google Play tab. Select Install from Google Play.
    12. You can click Skip to skip the Google Play Games.
    13. Click Install to install the Google Play Games.
    14. Click Finish and then Restart to restart the game.

    Col, Bocl


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    It is hard to beat the volume and variety of content available on the app store these days, and even though I have been an avid Android user for the last year, I have some regrets about the change. The long term success of Android is, and will always be, in the hands of Google. Our two main concerns (the original article is in red) were that a terrible system update and lack of connectivity to the developer community were threatening to move us away from


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    ・Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64bit (DirectX 10)
    ・1.6 GHz single-core CPU (2.0 GHz or greater is recommended)
    ・2GB RAM (4GB or greater is recommended)
    ・25GB available hard disk space
    ・DirectX 10 compatible video card with 1280×1024 or higher resolution
    ・Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better (Nvidia Maxwell or better)
    ・Internet Explorer 11
    ・WinRAR 5.30 or later
    ・HDD1 or


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