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I’m trying to be helpful, not aggravating.
You are getting a list of movies because there are actually 2 apps who prefix their file names with the words theMovie- (TheMovie and TheTwoMovie)
If you want the list to contain only the movies, you must filter that out. To do that, use this line of code:
string[] movieList = Regex.Split(filePath, @”\s*theMovie-\s*”);

(Regex is a library you can add at the top of your program to do things like this.)
This will return a list of strings without the prefix theMovie-
If you want to know how many movies there are, you can do something like this:
int movieCount = Regex.Split(filePath, @”\s*theMovie-\s*”)

An equipment, such as a tensioner or a V-belt tensioner, that includes a hydraulic cylinder, a piston rod connected to a piston inside the cylinder, and a rod guide for guiding the piston rod is known. When the piston is moved inside the cylinder by hydraulic pressure applied to the cylinder, the piston rod is moved, and an operation member (e.g., a V-belt) connected to the piston rod is moved. The rod guide is provided with a rod guide hole extending in a direction perpendicular to the axial direction of the piston rod. When the piston rod moves in the axial direction of the piston, the rod guide hole is curved along a circumferential direction.
The rod guide hole is formed in a rectangular shape having a longitudinal axis and a lateral axis orthogonal to the longitudinal axis. According to the JP 2001-111782 A, a longitudinal side edge of the rod guide hole is opened as an aperture, and a piston rod is inserted into the aperture. The rod guide hole is rectangular with the longitudinal axis extending in the direction along the axial direction of the piston rod, and the lateral axis extending in the direction orthogonal to the axial direction of the piston rod. Therefore, the transverse diameter of the rod guide hole increases, and the rod guide hole is formed in a shape having a large diameter.
When the rod guide hole is formed in a shape having a large diameter, even if the rod guide hole is formed

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vendor_patterns/  Vendor patterns. 2010-2016 Verizon Wireless.  Doctor Who logo design by Bruno Perlin Dixons branded Doctor Who products: classic, electronic and merchandise from retailers.SACRAMENTO — Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay officially requested a trade on Friday, a source told FOX Sports.

Gay, who was recently informed that general manager Geoff Petrie plans to trade him, has said he wants out of Sacramento. A source told FOX Sports that he requested a trade earlier this week and has expressed frustration with the team, prompting the move.

Sources tell FOX Sports that the Kings are open to trading Gay in order to save money, perhaps as early as the Feb. 21 NBA trade deadline. In November, Gay signed a five-year, $90 million deal.

NBA power brokers have been discussing the possibility of Gay’s possible departure for months, but he has mostly maintained his level of involvement and has yet to officially request a trade.

“Rudy has consistently told us he wants to stay with the Kings,” Petrie said in a statement. “What he wants is to help our team win and he’s that type of player. That’s what he wants.”

Two teams have been mentioned as possible destinations for Gay, who is averaging 17.9 points and 5.3 rebounds this season. The Celtics, who currently own the no. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, have shown interest in him. He is expected to be a restricted free agent this summer.


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