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La Hija Del Sastre Pdf [HOT] Free

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La Hija Del Sastre:

The Poet of Exotic Travel, Gibran, and the Un-Travelling Read More (Paperback) by Juan Antonio Buenaventura : Review

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Download online freeLa Hija Del Sastre: The Poet of Exotic Travel, Gibran, and the Un-Travelling (Paperback) full ebook freeLa Hija Del Sastre: The Poet of Exotic Travel, Gibran, and the Un-Travelling (Paperback)

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La Hija Del Sastre:

The Poet of Exotic Travel, Gibran, and the Un-Travelling (Paperback) (Spanish Edition)


An exquisite literary masterpiece that continues to create interest in Arabic literature, now in a new edition published for the first time in English. Capturing the magic of the Orient and the dangers of colonialism, Felicia Teskey offers a glimpse of the literary masterpiece known as La Hija del Sastre, translated into English for the first time in this new edition.

The story of this greatest of Arabic novels follows the adventures of an Egyptian merchant who on his travels to India meets a mysterious Indian woman, who helps him return home. Set in the time of the Crusades, the tale of love, hatred, jealousy, and war is an unforgettable read, even for those who do not speak Arabic. With his beautiful prose and exquisitely fluid expression, the Moroccan writer Ahmed Alhassane matches the elegance and sensitivity of Miguel de Cervantes, while capturing a sense of Arab identity that is at once exotic and familiar.

This translation follows the original text faithfully, and is accompanied by a short survey of the novel’s historical context and the cultural effects of colonialism. The poet of exotic travel, Gibran, and the un-travelling is a beautiful gem of Arabic literature that is set to delight as much those who know the language as those who do not.

Mimosa La Hija del Sastre isbn 978-1-4560-7814-7. The Sotavento del Hijo del Sol

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