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Hack Facebook Password Using Hydra

Password cracking, or password-cracking, is the process of trying different possible passwords for an account. For example, a user might store an access code on a physical media such as an electronic token that is connected to the computer (for example, a chip-based smartcard, or USB dongle). When the user wishes to log in, he enters his access code.

Generally, there are three types of credential-based attacks: reverse dictionary attacks, automated attacks, and keystroke logging. Dictionary attacks attempt the same password in different combinations to find a match. A reverse dictionary attack tries out every word in a dictionary or every sequence of letters to see if it is a valid password. This can take a long time, but it may be quicker than the brute-force attack where each character of the password is attempted.

Most good passwords are arbitrary sequences of the characters of an alphabet. Often, people choose passwords like “password”, “qwerty”, or “muffin”, since these are hard to guess. But some systems use patterns of digits and alphanumeric characters, and these are easily broken if the correct patterns are known.

After configuring all the parameters, you can launch hydra with hydra -P -H url [options] [–] [command [arg1 [arg2…]]] command command will be the command which will be used by the program to attack the login page. For example:


hack facebook password using hydra

Note: Replace with your registered account username and with the actual password

if you want to brute force the password, you need a list of users and passwords. obviously a list of admin passwords is a bad idea because it’s already set to admin. also, if you brute force the password, it could crash your computer or it can take a long time because the password is long. there are a few sites that have lists of passwords, but since they are outdated, i found a new list at . just open the file in notepad, and copy/paste the passwords into your command (minus the username, of course).
since you have the username, you can hardcode that into the command line. use the colon (:) to signify that the username is at the start of the request. so instead of typing hydra -l username -p passwordlist.txt, you will be typing hydra -l username:admin -p passwordlist.txt. again, this will not harm the site in any way, and it’s the safest way to brute force the password. if you want to brute force the username, you can just type hydra -l username -u passwordlist. it will take a while to run, so be patient. if you want to learn more about brute forcing, check out this tutorial.
i’m not sure how you’re creating your csv file with the usernames and passwords. i know that for each password, there is the username, the password, and the site, and that you want to make a list of them all in a csv file.
i am now ready to make my request to hydra. if everything works properly, the server will respond with an error telling me that the password is wrong. if all works well, i will see the following output from hydra:


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