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The first version of AutoCAD, created by John Walker and released in 1983, took advantage of the newly introduced 3D-graphics technology developed at the time, the first commercially viable 3D CAD application. AutoCAD II, released two years later, was an evolution of the first version, continuing to use 3D graphics but adding many new features, such as dynamic block types, measuring tools, etc. In the early 1980s, many desktop CAD applications were available for microcomputers, such as the Del-Toro CADLAB program, the Pascal program from the DEC PDP-11 and the Intel program, FastPAC. Although the first commercial CAD programs running on microcomputers were primarily 2D (vector-based) drawing programs, the ’80s saw the development of commercially-available CAD applications based on technology developed by the leading CAD-graphics companies: Windows and H-P developed the HP-GL program, and Microfield and Distributed Data Systems (DDS) developed the G-Code system for use with the G-Code 2D system. These two products were marketed by the leading 2D-CAD systems for the time: Hewlett Packard (HP) with the H-P-GL and DDS with the G-Code. The ’80s also saw the introduction of CAD programs for the Apple Macintosh computer. The first Mac-based CAD program, InfoCAD was an extension of the existing MacPaint program, and was released in 1984. Unlike most desktop CAD programs at the time, which were available for the Apple II computer, InfoCAD was a new application developed specifically for the Macintosh. InfoCAD included many features that were eventually added to the H-P-GL CAD programs. With the ’90s came Windows-based 3D-CAD programs. An early program was the 3D-CAD application for the Mac, known as Cockpit. Notable for its innovative feature, hyperdynamic modelling, the Cockpit application was never released in a commercial version. The ’90s also saw the introduction of the world’s first commercially-available CAD program for the Windows 3.1x operating system, Del-Toro’s Windows-based CATIA program. Not to be outdone, Autodesk developed AutoCAD/2D, which was first released for the Windows 3.1x operating system in 1994. AutoCAD/2D quickly became a powerful competitor to the 3

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The Autodesk Exchange API is a set of technologies to enable and enhance the ability to create and develop applications that work with AutoCAD models. It provides a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that describe methods and properties of the user interface elements and drawing models of AutoCAD. Autodesk Exchange API Web Services provide the ability to write your own or third-party applications for AutoCAD that access AutoCAD models and data. With the Exchange API, you can use HTTP or HTTPS protocols to access models and data in AutoCAD. Exchanges are exchangeable XML documents that contain AutoCAD models and data, as well as user settings. Using the API one can access all the information one could access via the menu interface and which is also accessible via a command line interface. Desktop API The Autodesk Exchange API Web Services, in addition to the Excel Application Programming Interface (Excel-API), allows developers to build applications using the desktop based Autodesk Exchange API. It allows communication with AutoCAD using JSON-RPC (JSON for remote procedure calls). The API provides access to AutoCAD’s model and data, plus user configuration information. Excel API The Autodesk Exchange API Web Services Excel Application Programming Interface (Excel-API) provides a web service that communicates with AutoCAD using XML over the Internet or via a local network. It allows developers to build applications using the desktop based Autodesk Exchange API. It supports reading and updating a variety of AutoCAD data, and the ability to create and update a variety of AutoCAD objects, including drawings, blocks, sections, text styles, symbols, layers, annotation styles, rendering settings, the drawing status, and more. It also includes user interface capabilities, such as the ability to drag and drop objects into an Excel sheet, toggle layers, copy and paste objects, and more. Using the Excel API one can create, read, and write to the AutoCAD data. The service exposes access to AutoCAD drawing objects, which include entities and drawings, as well as to AutoCAD’s relational data stores. Application Programming Interface The Autodesk Exchange API allows developers to build applications using the API. The API is a client-server technology that makes it possible to access AutoCAD models and data over the Internet or over a local network. The Autodesk Exchange API can be used to af5dca3d97

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Open Autodesk Autocad and choose the render window > render view > wavefront. Select the item you would like to export, and then choose File > Export > Wavefront (.obj) > save. The file exported is written in the current path of Autodesk Autocad. How to use the unpacked exe Install Autodesk Autocad and launch it. When you have selected the appropriate project to export, press the SHIFT + K to get the Wavefront (.obj) file. Save the file on your hard disk. Open the Autodesk Autocad and go to “File > Import > Wavefront (.obj) > Local network” > Local network > open file > File”. Select the wavefront file (.obj) and press the OK button. Open the wavefront file and continue with your model. The file imported is saved in the current path of Autodesk Autocad. A: The way to get the plugin to work is to start the Autocad program first, then follow the prompts in the Autodesk Autocad Help. Specifically, you need to install Autodesk Autocad. Then: File > Open > Local network > Local network > open file > File Go to the ‘Your Downloads’ folder and find the.exe file you downloaded from Github. Then: File > Import > Wavefront (.obj) > Local network > Local network > open file > File This will import the.obj file and make a local copy of it (you do not need to save it). Now, it should work. I haven’t tried it myself, but I know others have. Q: Combining multiple row into single row I have a table with 4 columns. From a result set I am looping through and creating new row with values of the respective column. But each loop I am appending it to a given string which is the result of a function. This is the loop I am using to create a row with values from table. $sql1=mysql_query(“SELECT col_1, col_2, col_3, col_4, col_5, col_6, col_7 FROM $tablename”); $row=mysql_fetch_assoc($sql1); echo $arr[]= $row[‘col_

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Paint, pattern, and texture guides: To quickly create guides and patterns, it’s no longer necessary to copy your guides to your drawing. Quickly colorize your guides, patterns, and textures. (video: 1:05 min.) AutoCAD for Mac: AutoCAD for Mac 2019 offered a lot of enhancements, and we continue to improve AutoCAD for Mac. We’ve added a digital signature option, and we’ve added an improved feature that makes it easier for you to use symbols as components. We’ve added new alignment methods for creating and modifying drawings, and we’ve added new features that make it easier to work with the polar grid. (video: 1:04 min.) Microsoft Windows: Microsoft Windows is now an Autodesk platform. We have enhanced our productivity and drafting tools, and we’ve added new functionality to the software. We’ve added a new parametric surface tool that makes it easier to edit and update surfaces, and we’ve updated several tools to improve workflow and accuracy. We’ve added the ability to share drawings online. We’ve added an intuitive user interface for creating and modifying drawings. (video: 1:15 min.) Documentation and Learning: We are pleased to announce the release of the new third-generation Autodesk Construction Manager Suite 2.0. It provides faster loading, better performance, improved workflows, and new tools. In addition, we have added new ways to learn AutoCAD. (video: 1:04 min.) AutoCAD Graphical UI: We’ve made several improvements to the AutoCAD Graphical User Interface (GUI). We’ve added new icons to speed up drawing and commands, and we’ve added new toolbar buttons. We’ve improved the performance of drawing and editing commands. (video: 1:05 min.) User Interface and Experience We’ve added several new drawing panes. We’ve added a new, interactive corner viewer, which makes it easier to share your drawing. We’ve added a new Outliner, which makes it easier to move objects. We’ve made the Outliner more intuitive by adding the ability to search for objects and easily edit the selected object. We’ve made it easier to specify and edit the order

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