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Trelink – Router and OctoState.Within the framework of the event “Insight Timeliness: Information and Innovation in the Global Age”, which took place in Brussels on 20 November, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) delivered a presentation on the Supervisory Authority (Super-ESA) for cyberspace and on the EU Research and Innovation Blueprint.

Among the most significant trends in information and communication technologies (ICT) is the ever-increasing penetration of networked devices, such as smart homes, cars and even humans themselves. The rise of smart industry, augmented reality and computer-aided design (CAD), with increasing interaction between users and devices, is leading to the emergence of new issues in cybersecurity and data protection.

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA

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Perinatal mortality rates in the United States continue to decline. Despite this decrease, perinatal mortality varies significantly among states and is highest in Louisiana (77.9/1000) and lowest in New Mexico (27.7/1000). The majority of these deaths could be prevented by one or more components of the 5-to-7-item Apgar score. This letter describes a case of a girl, born at 28 weeks’ gestational age, who had a 1-minute Apgar score of 7, 5-minute Apgar score of 9, and a placental Apgar score of 3. services due to lack of PBT,” he said.

The PBT was then shifted to the Defence Services for medical services, he said. “The PBT is now with the NRIs due to lack of trained staff in the hospitals. The Defence Department has trained one of the doctors in Radiology. This doctor has gone to Iran to study [Radiation] Medicine. Within six months, he will return and provide radiotherapy to the patients in this city [Pune] and other nearby places,” he said.

The front-liners of the Pune Air Force Academy, where he studied, are now married and have children. “SriJagan Sir, it was Dr Harsh Chawla who told us about the need to establish the PBT here. He gave me this job in the Pune Air Force Academy when I was a student,” he said.

Spread over a six-kilometer stretch in Mhaswad, some 300 families are now without any medical facilities. “The shortage of staff is of concern. There are 50 vacancies in this hospital, and they get filled up twice in a year. But, there are as many as 1,000 patients [per month] coming to this hospital. How can one man take care of all these patients?” he asks.

He has been deputed to the nearby taluka hospital, which provides basic treatment to patients. The state government had decided to provide cover to 13 small hospitals in Pune district, but it is only providing Rs 1.25 crore for the same.

“This is not sufficient. The staff in these hospitals are few and there are large number of patients. They

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